Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Create-A-Card Challenge! Hosted by Mary at Cardz TV

Just Batty About Halloween

This is the card that I create for a challenge that Mary has going on over at her blog.  Mary has challenged us not to use our Cricut and use other elements.  So, for this challenge I went to my Scarpbook Magazines and found a paper piecing project using the bat, a couple stamp, paper and some bling!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Twilight "Eclipse" Tag that I Made With My Cricut

Hi Everyone!!   I am so excited to share this project with you.  I am a big Twilight Fan, and I created this project for my daughter because she loves the "Twilight" Series as much as I do.  I've read all the books, seen all of the movies, and I can't wait until the movie "Eclipse" is at the theatre.  I had so much fun making this tag.  I used my Cricut Expression and the Design Studio to create this project.  The cartridges that I used for this project were the Paper Doll Dress Up and the Sentimentals cartridge.
Here is a list of the items that you will need to cut to create this project. For the people that have Design Studio I’ve included the size of each item, just place the item on your mate and resize in the Shape Properties dialog box. If you don't have the Design Studio then I've include the page numbers, item, and button numbers  that are in your cartridge booklet,  use the sizes as a reference when you're cutting the items with your Cricut Expression.


In the Cricut Cartridge Paper Doll Dress up user booklet go to:
Page 29, Paper doll, Headwear/Button 1, Size: Width 1.986 and Height 2.824
Page 32, Tee Shirt, Shift/Blackout/Button 4, Size: Width 1.435 and Height .862
Page 32, Pants, Blackout/Button 4, Size: Width 1.045 and Height 1.124
Page 32, Jacket, Shift/Headwear/Button 4, Size: Width 1.652 and Height 1.081
Page 32, Shoes, Accessories 1/Button 4, Size: Width 1.521 and Height .484
Page 34, Hair, Headwear/Button 6, Size: Width 1.139 and Height .813


In the Cricut Cartridge Paper Doll Dress up user booklet go to:
Page 29, Paper Doll, Shift/Accessories 2/Button 1, Size: Width 1.956 and Height 2.816
Page 67, Shirt, Shift/Button 39, Size: Width 1.732 and Height 1.102
Page 64, Pants, Blackout/Button 36, Size Width 1.042 and Height 1.053
Page 64, Boots, Accessories 1/Button 36, Width 1.559 and Height 0.65
Page 45, Hair, Headwear/Button 17, Width 1.573 and Height 1.85


In the Cricut Cartridge Paper Doll Dress up user booklet go to:
Page 29, Paper Doll, Blackout/Button 1, Size: Width 1.98 and 2.847
Page 32, Tee Shirt, Shift/Blackout/Button 12 , Size: Width 1.435 and .862
Page 32, Pants, Blackout/Button 4, Size 1.045 and 1.124
Page 64, Boots, Accessories 1/Button 36, Size: Width 1.475 and Height 0.615
Page 46, Hair, Headwear/Button 18, Size: Width 1.129 and Height .817

Winter Woodland Cartridge: The word eclipse is welded together, spell the letters eclipse and make sure that welding is selected, press the letter e and continue to spell eclipse, now select the letter c and move that towards the e until your letter is overlapping a little. You will need to make a copy of the word eclipse, my measurement for the grey eclipse is Width 2.363 and Height 1.098 and for the red eclipse is Width 2.524 and Height is 1.172

The Flag come in two parts: Paper Doll Dress up Cartridge
Page 48, Flag, Shift/Accessories 1/Button 20, Size: Width 1.068 and Height 3.005
Sentimentals Cartridge
Page 52, Crest, Shift/Layer/Button 29, Size: Width .87 and Height .981

The Tag is made from the Sentimentals Cartridge
Page 40, Shift/Tag Button 17, Size: Width 6 and Height 5.5

The Flowers on the tag, the white, burgundy, and grey I made from silk ribbon, you can find an excellent tutorial on how to make these flowers if you visit Tiffany’s youtube channel, she has an awesome tutorial "Tomiko Flower Tutorial" on how to make these beautiful flowers. Here is the link to her youtube channel:
The black flower I made from five pieces of 1 inch black ribbon that measured 2 1/4 inches, and you have to  folded them in-half and sew onto a piece of thread just like Tiffany shows in her Tomiko Flower Tutorial. I recommend that you also watch her "Destiny Flower Tutorial", I have both videos saved in my favorite on my youtube channel.
The hat pin is created from a sewing pin with a bead on the end, I painted the bead on the top with red paint and added the white and silver pearl and hot glued the bottom of the siliver pearl.
I used my hot gun to glued the feathers onto a 1 1/2 circle punch, then I glued the flowers, and added just a little on the end of my hat pin and stuck it behind the black flower. 

The Twilight saga

The font that I use is the Basketville Old Face, and the font size was 20.  I printed it out on printer paper, glued them to a piece of heavy cardstock and did the paper ripping technique on the end. I distress the edge with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink and I used a circle punch to cut out the Twilight saga and cut the circle in-half and distress the edges with Tim's Vintage Photo Distress Ink.
For the background I did a Rusted Enamel technique, if you visit Arlene channel at and watch her video "One of my fav Tim Techniques".  "Rusted Enamel" this will show you how I created the background. The only difference is that I painted the tag with black paint and then I covered the tag with black embossing ink and sprinkled it with midnight black embossing power.  Then I used the flicking technique to remove some of the embossing powder and heat set the embossing powder.  Once the paper is cool rub pearl paint and silver glitter paint onto the surface until you achive a midnight background.
I took three pieces of fibres and braded them together.  Then I taped them to the inside of the tag before I glued the two tags together.  I added some bling to the bottom of the tag, then I glued the rest of the items onto the the tag.

This is a picture of how I group the items on the mat in Design Studio.

That's it ladies, if you have any question or would like a copy of this project just leave me a personal message and I can email you a copy. Also, don't forget to watch my youtube video Twilight "Eclipse" Tag I Made With My Cricut.  Thank-you for visit my blog and have a great day!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Father Day Challenge Hosted At Robyn The Pink Stamper Website

Robyn the Pink Stamper is giving away a Cricut Expression Machine and this is the card that I entered for the challenge.  The Cartridge that I used to create this card was Everyday Paper Dalls.  My husband has a Harley Davidson and I tryed to mock the colors of his bike.  I think it turned out really well.  The background paper that I used is from the Me&My Big Ideals travel paper collection.  I cut out the bike three times and cut and layer to give the bike a 3-D look.  I add Tim Holtz Mask to the paper and then I distress all the edges with the vintage photo ink.  I add mod podge to the bike and helmet to give them a glossy finish.  Over all I am really happy with the way this card turned out.

Flower-Tutorial – Camelot Rose That I Made With My Cricut

This is flower number three of the flower series. This is my take on the Prima Flower call the “Camelot Rose”. I cut the petal’s with my Cricut Expression and the cartridge that I used was the “Home Decor”. I am really happy with the results of this flower.
This is how I made this flower:

Cartridge that you will need for this flower is the "Home Decor'.
Press the Shift button and Blackout button on your Cricut.
Cut 2 flowers at 3"
Cut 2 Flowrs at 2"
Cut 2 at 1 1/4" 
Cut 3 at 1"
Items that you will need for this project are: glimmer mist, glue, twisters, and glue. Watch my Youtube video on how to make this flower.